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Aberdeen Taxi Centre Ltd, Burnside Drive, Dyce, Aberdeen, AB21 OHW

Taxi Offices and Operators in Aberdeen

Taxi Offices and independent taxi operators control most of the taxis operating in Aberdeen City. Below indicates how offices and independent operators may work together to meet customer demand and identifies possible employment opportunities for the taxi driver.

Taxi Offices – Generally larger companies who are licensed to operate with radio transmitters. These offices normally have fixed contract hires and can accept pre-booked or immediate hires from telephone customers. Details of individual hires are then passed through to individual vehicles and drivers via transmitted radio or computer messages. Whilst Taxi Offices employ their own drivers, they can also pass work through to independent operators who choose to hire radios of computers from them.

Taxi Operators – These range from one-taxi one-man firms to multi-taxi multi-driver firms. Independent operators can have their own business contract work and can also choose to work through a Taxi Office by hiring a radio or computer which allows work to be transmitted to them. Independent operators do not have to work this way and may prefer to work from public ranks, from the street, or from private ranks, without association with a Taxi Office.

The Taxi Offices and Independent Operators can offer employment opportunities to the taxi driver. The conditions and terms offered by these companies and firms can differ and you should contact them directly if you wish further details. If you have a suitable vehicle and can get a Taxi Licence, there may be an opportunity to be self employed.

Lists of Taxi Offices with radio licences, and larger independent operators, are available from the Taxi Inspector’s Office.

Aberdeen Taxi Centre is registered in Scotland, SC319577